ĀTĀVĀ: Tātatau‘ata “Marking-symmetry-in-images”

ĀTĀVĀ: Tātatau‘ata “Marking-symmetry-in-images”

A Vā Moana Film Screening

St Paul St Gallery Two, 9 – 29 June, 2022

Opening: Thursday 9 June, 5:30pm

Featuring work from Sione Faletau, Sione Monū, Emily Parr, Talia Smith, Jade Townsend.

This exhibition responds to the shifting spaces and multi-layered concepts of time specific to Moana peoples across our region, and speaks to the ways diasporic Moana peoples pursue and maintain connections to their ancestral homelands while travelling across varied landscapes and between complex linkages of time and history.

Many thanks to Tautai Pacific Arts Trust for providing generous support toward this project.

Image: Sione Monū, still from ‘Returning Traces: Our ancestors left us clues,’ 2020.

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