Talanoa: Lupematasila Associate Professor Melani Anae

Our Talanoa series comes out of our Marsden Project (2019-2023), 'Vā Moana: space and relationality in Pacific thought and identity'.

This talanoa with Lupematasila Associate Professor Melani Anae is about the concept of teu le vā and its development in Samoan communities, as well as the educational and health sectors, in Aotearoa. It was recorded in May 2022 at her home in Tāmaki Makaurau. Anae is an important early contributor to the development of the concept of vā, particularly in Pasifika education (see a summary in her 2016 article, “Teu le vā: Samoan relational ethics”).

Click here to watch the talanoa.

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